Thursday, November 29, 2007


I am a human being because my body structure is different to animals. Only humans know to build, invest and use technology. Sometimes I am happy and sad because of different emotions. When someone tells me terrible news, I feel shock and sorry. I have a rational to separate the good things and bad things. And then we can not stay alone, we want family, friends who are close and love us. We, people always want to find love. And also we have ..........
soft heart, are easy to hurt, and are affected mentally. When we feel sad or happy, we let friends know and share with for help or to solve
soft heart, are easy to hurt, and are affected mentally. When we feel sad or happy, we let friends know and share with for help or to solve

the problem. I believe that all of our friends also feel like me. Moreover, humans are easy to depress, and to be weak, strong, angry, greedy and tender. So humans always rely on everything. For instance, without friendship, family, neighbor and environment they can not stay and be alive. So we always need encouragement and support. So these are the most important things for me, especially environment because, to survive we need to breath, eat and shelter. For the breathing we need oxygen. We know that it comes from trees. That is why, for our lives the basis of what we need is the environment. Everything used by people comes from environment, so that is the most important for me. All people lives rely on the environment, so without environment we can not stay alive.

Every country wants development so they do development projects. What does development mean to us? We have to think about that deeply. If we look at developing countries, people have easy lives, find easy to go to work, can use E-mail and internet, and can know what happen in the world immediately, but do not need to wait time. That is good. On the other hand, those countries produce pollutants that contribute to air pollution, water pollution and soil pollution because many industries and factories use over natural resources. They produce carbon dioxide and make greenhouse effect. That is why our environment becomes unhealthy and it affects people’s health and animals’ life. Moreover, we face natural disasters such as storms, landslides, floods and earthquakes. Therefore humans can do terrible things and the same time can do good things. Before we do development projects, at first, we have to do EIA (Environment Impact Assessment) and have to do in sustainable way.

Nowadays all people follow cannibalization and want easy life. Some people did not care what happen in the world; just care themselves, family and their business. Some people face hunger and civil war in their country and live in conflicts. In Asia, some countries are not developed yet. Therefore they want development and do development projects such as dams, mining, and highway roads and build industries.

For instance, In Burma, the military is doing development projects but not for people, for their power and themselves. For development they look at forests, they do logging and send to their neighbor countries as China and Thailand. Now around the ethnic people areas, we have continued deforestation. If the forests are gone how can we stay? If our country is rich, we can buy natural resources from other countries. People said in Asia, Burma is richer in natural resources than other countries, but the country is still poor. Where have our natural resources gone? Now the military junta are taking and selling natural resources, and buying weapons for their power. They want to hold all the power.

If we look at that example we can see all humans are greedy because they want power. So they become selfish. For human survival we have to depend on the forests and natural resources. Mahatma Gandhi said that “Natural resource is enough for all needs but not enough for one greed”. Therefore we have to take as we need. People who live in forest, they love the way they are and where they belong to but when people far from the forest, they do not feel belonging to the forest. Thus, they take over natural resources from the forest. One day if our environment become unhealthy and the natural resources are gone forever how can human stay in the world? Between the human and environment, they are connected. We, humans have to make friendship with the environment. So we want sound environment for our world to be beautiful the same as it was in the beginning. However humans can do everything as they want.


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